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FCK Editor - blank/emty admin page??


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I've downloaded the FCK Editor 2.3.2 - uploaded it in a folder beneath the admin folder. Ran a test - works great! no problem :-)


Can someone PLEASE tell me WHERE I go wrong?? I've tried 3 times . it just WONT work



Downloaded 3-4 txt files that should get me though the installation - but it didn't :-(!


Downloaded txt files from here:







modified (replaced code) with:


<td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_fckeditor('products_description[' . $languages[$i]['id'] . ']','500','300',(isset($products_description[$languages[$i]['id']]) ? $products_description[$languages[$i]['id']] : tep_get_products_description($pInfo->products_id, $languages[$i]['id']))); ?></td>




Inserted the "require" code -




// The HTML href link wrapper function


In the same file:


Inserted this code beneath the "//// Output a form textarea field"




// Output a form textarea field w/ fckeditor

function tep_draw_fckeditor($name, $width, $height, $text) {


$oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor($name);

$oFCKeditor -> Width = $width;

$oFCKeditor -> Height = $height;

$oFCKeditor -> BasePath = 'http://www.yoursite.com/FCKeditor/';

$oFCKeditor -> Value = $text;


$field = $oFCKeditor->Create($name);


return $field;


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hmm, okay

It working now - sort of????? Had to mix info from the txt help files (quite confussing reading)


I can't upload pictures - keep getting this:


XML request error: 500 Server Error 8500)


Further more, is it not possible to control WHERE the product picture itself will upload to??

I mean- with hundreds and hundreds of pictures it will be caos at the end??




Helle .-(

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