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yes very easy. what do you want to change? just the text shown on the bottom bar to something else? or do you want it to point to a new .php file with a different name?


for example you can change Conditions of Use to say something like "Terms & Conditions" very easily, and have it still point to conditions.php


you can also change Conditions of Use to say Terms and Conditions and have it point to termsandconditions.php etc


let me know and I can help out. the answer is hidden in the link ;)

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you want to change the links? or you want to change the name ie change cannon to shoes, fox to shirts and so fourth?


The names would be changed by going to the admin panel and changing the catagory names. The heading you changed was the Catagory heading, so in your admin panel go to catalog - catagories/products.

The "links" from this box go to product listing pages, when you create a catagory under the catagory you will be able to create subcatagories or product listings.

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ya forget what i said I didnt understand at first what you were trying to do, the box your using looks like the Manufactures info box which is originally a drop down menu box, the items listed in there would be changed in the admin panel - catalog- manufacturers, when adding products if you choose a manufacturer from the ones created in the catalog - manufactures area then say you have gucci as a product line, create a gucci in the manufacturers module then when adding gucci products select gucci as the manufacture then when they click that info box, all products made by that company would be listed.


If you wanting to create an information page only not a product listing page, the I recommend not using the manufactures info box because its tied to the admin catalog, I would use the information box that came with OsC, its easier to add a new link and link it to an information page instead of product list page.

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Thanks Gameprodigy. I was able to change the links, but pointing those links to the information in the product listing pages is not happening.


MSP you metioned the answer is in the hidden link, where?


Thank you so much for your help.

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you changed them using the admin panel Manufactuers right?


Like I said editing the manufactuers info box to relate to an information page isn't as easy as using a different box.

The manufactuers page is found in includes/boxes/manufactuers.php

because this page ties directly to the admin panel for information it has differnt coding then say the information info box, go to includes/boxes/information.php and you will see how different the code is, the information box ties to actual php pages that you can add text to, the manufactuers page links to the database to pull of product information.

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because that box is linked to the database that is why when you click say "about us" its says there are no products to list in this catagory because its trying to search for products that are listed as manufactuer by "about us".


What you want to create is a blank page that you can just add text to,

like my site for example http://www.signature-series.net/catalog/index.php if you click down in the lower left information box on say ESRB ratings in the center you get an information page. I think that is what you want to do, in this case you need to get rid of your manufactuers box, and replace it with the original information box, then add pages to that box.


You can go here for help in adding pages to existing boxes, the tutorial as i call it uses the information box as an example.


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