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How to setup the payment for credit card ?


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I am extremely new to oscommerce but not new in computer stuff. So I need to know in Payment Modules what should I do to setup properly the credit card option.


I'm still confused, I can't figure it out where I will receive the money from my clients if they pay me via Credit card and not paypal ?


Thank you in advance, and please bare with me, as I am very new in this oscommerce - which is fantastic in my opinion !

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Have you added any modificatins or is this just the standard modules that came with it. because there are paypal payment pro mods that change the credit card things.


If its just the standard module, the when a customers buys something with CC, you will get the CC# off their order slip, or if you have it setup to email partial then half will be in the order and the other half will be emailed to you for extra security. The problem lies here that is all it does, you will have to process the credit card through either a termial like you see at a real store, or using an online vertual terminal. You will need the Credit card number and the CVV code on the back to process these cards.


There are some contributions for other credit options, I have terminal so I just have the CC# on the order and i process the cards myself to my bank account. There is a payment module support area futher down the forums.

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Thank you very much Gregg, I understand you will process the cards yourself trough your bank, but did the customer will get the validation or aproval for the transaction ? I mean he/she will know that the purchased went trough or not ?

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