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Group Attributes


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Hey everyone,

I searched and searched for this topic only to find things that weren't quite relating to it. Anyways, I am looking for a way that I can group attributes. For instance, if I were selling a t-shirt and I had a color attribute, instead of selecting the products one by one, just say apply this attribute to the t-shirt group.

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I haven't used it much but I believe if you go to admin panel, catalog, there is a product attributes section, you can change the default attributes to what ever you like so in the options you say Red - blue - green are options, you will want to set a color green, a value yes, and a value no, then extra cost if any. you have to set those options for each color, then on the product you want to add them to you select the product at the bottom, and add all colors with both yes and no options. then the customer can say yes to which ever color they want to purchase. I don't use this function at all so I don't know if there is an easier way to do it you might have to play around with it.


Maybe someone else has more experience using it.

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Install this:




This allows you to create attribute 'sets" (size, color etc). You can then assign this set to your products in a single click.

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