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The e-commerce.

critiques please


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hi all- im submitting my site for your critiques. any guidance you can give would be great!!


this is my first site, let alone OS Commerce site. I have no programming experience, so please bear with my questions!


There are things I definately want to work on(but am not too sure how):


* i want the site to stretch wider on the screen

* change my fonts

* i would like the pictures on the main page to be larger with larger font descriptions.


besides that, please..... critique away!







Edit: Direct link to your online store


TIA - meg

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Also it seems to me that your wording within your categories infobox is too long which makes everything out of line (in your categories infobox). I suggest removing the languages and currencies infoboxes since it appears the only language on your site is English and the only currency is USD. Other then that I like the nice and simple design. Also like the placement of the infoboxes, your main page is not cluttered,

Andrew Yuen

osCommerce, Community Team

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Your site is nicely layed out. Is it a template you bought or did you modify the layout?


I agree with the previous post that you could lose the languages and currency info boxes since they serve no purpose.


You might want to look into installing a meta tags contribution. This will give you better rankings in google. There are other mods you can make to improve you search engine optimization depending on how comfortable you are installing contributions.

Backup before making changes. Backup before making changes! Backup before making changes!!


You did do a backup? eh?

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I would recommend few things....

1st...your header is pretty good...pink color goes kinda well given ur site title...n ur target clientele.

2nd use contributions like HEADER TAGS CONTROL & ULTIMATE SEO URL

3rd Download pixie color picker...you could customize ur font colors a lot with it http://www.nattyware.com/pixie.html

4th set ur site width to atleast 760px n for the outer background use plain white... the peach/cream color u have right now makes it look dull

5th try browsing through various websites...its always good to get ideas from other people and enhance on them:)



Simple Add-ons Please add simple plain tips here for others.
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Getting late here, so I'll just fire away.


Overall you need to increase the font size for the product descriptions etc. Size for the categories is fine. It's definitely too small for me and if I increase the font size in my browser settings, the whole site breaks.


I would recommend a bit of padding at the top and bottom of the page. At the moment it feels like something might be cut off.


You have your logo at the top and a big image with the store name again in the precios space above the fold. I would make the logo at the top bigger and get rid of the one in the center. Put the categories or some nice picture of your products there as a display.


The site is not balanced. The right side is well defined by the right edge of the columns but the left is open. The colours on the right side give it an additional weight and make the whole site look out of sync. At least this is my impression.


You need to check your padding/margin/border settings. Most of them need to be increased to be more pleasing to the eye. Have a look at your site in Firefox to see what I mean. The details button under the shopping cart is floating out of the right column which looks wrong.


Now a bit more visitor relevant stuff. No physical business address, no phone number. Which country are you in? No shipping & returns policy. Very important when things go wrong. What are your shipping options? Payment options? I don't want to create an account (= give you my personal details) to find this out.


Just some last thoughts. Your store name gave me the idea that you are selling something connected to stitching etc. The products you have on offer don't fit this idea.


Ok, that's enough for now. Keep up tweaking your shop, you'll get there.



The First Law of E-Commerce: If the user can't find the product, the user can't buy the product.


Feedback and suggestions on my shop welcome.


Note: My advice is based on my own experience or on something I read in these forums. No guarantee it'll work for you! Make sure that you always BACKUP the database and the files you are going to change so that you can rollback to a working version if things go wrong.

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Nice site, I would remove the un-needed boxes though - languages etc.

The dotcom name seems oddly not relative to the product line... a bit confusing as to what you are selling.


Maybe its just a guy thing, but I think I would try to find a more productive name for the site.




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thank you for all of your feedback! i agree with everything you are saying. you have actually called out things i never picked up on, but are so right about: languages, the details bar etc. even the small points like the background (which i would like to change to a bright complimentary color or pattern. )


as for Stitching Diva: the name is how i started. i started my biz with hand knits 5 years ago and at the end of the month you will see a huge section of items i have made(so check back!) all of the patterns, minus the knit kits, are mine. i also sew, thus all of the handmade sachets/ eye pillows etc. after the holidays i plan on expanding into more knits and textiles and my ultimate goal is to carry yarn and fabric :thumbsup:


please keep your critiques coming. im working on improving things as you post and im hoping this weekend my my husband and i can get in and do some serious revamping!

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  • 5 months later...

hi all - i have done some work to my site and just recently had Header Tags and Mo Pics installed. I'm in the process of working on those. Id like some more feedback and now that i have someone helping me, i will be able to act on your suggestions faster!


I'm really unhappy with the lack of business, any advice or thoughts would be great thanks!

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Hi ya, I am no expert but....


Your page title is 'home page' - perhaps you could rename it something more relevant to your business? Other pages in your site are called 'oscommerce' which unless you are marketing oscommerce you may wish to change!


I find the text size on your product detail (tote bag) far too small and hard work for me to bother to read.


In fact I find everything a bit small (viewed on internet explorer) and would prefer bigger thumbnails and text.


You need some of your more inspirational pics on home page - it is unfortunately hard to get inspired about a scarf on a dummy. Can you persude someone to model them - local photographic students may like it as a project? You need your home page to persude them to come inside.


Hope of some help for time being and good luck x

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