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Send newsletter to over 2000 subscribers.


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I have over 2000 subsribers to my newsletter and are now looking for the best way to be able to send my newsletter to all of those subscribers.


I found two contributions that will do the trick:

Bulk-mailer - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2624


Email Queue V2.0 - http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3184


Email Queue seems more worked thru than the Bulk-mailer. It also contains fixes for other issues as well.

Will Email Queue V2.0 make it possible to send newletter to all my subsribers without any timeouts?


Best Regards / Zuncan

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Email queue is definitely the way to go, but you need to applythe module to admin and not to catalog (nesletters are sent though admin). You will have to hack the code for that.




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Thanks Monica


well, basically email queue is an admin side facility, the only adaptations it requires on the catalog side is the changes to the tep_mail() calls in the various places where you would now use tep_store_mail() if the queue is activated and you want that particular email to go via the queue, password forgotten emails for instance are not a likely candidate as people are urgently waiting for that new password and won't wait until your next send job is scheduled.


For emails send from the admin side you would make the same change were it not that the way admin sends mail is different from the catalog side, it does not use the function tep_mail() there eventhough it is present in the function file general.php, a ms2 development synchonization issue I guess.


So, simply add the tep_store_mail() function to the admin general.php as well and use tep_mail and tep_store_mail in admin as you use them in catalog, they both work fine in admin.


The queue uses a scheduled job to send the queued emails so in that job you would set the limit on the query. Limit the select query to 10 and the job will send out the next 10 emails scheduled at every scheduled job time. This job uses tep_mail() by the way to actually send out the emails.


The emails are always kept (unless you delete them ofcourse) so you can always resend them, you can even edit them there. For high volume emails it has an archive function which simply moves the send emails to a separate archive table which is still viewable ofcourse but no longer editable. That will take the load off of your regular queue table.

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