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Change the d.o.b format?


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So my main business will be originating from Sweden and one important thing when doing business here is the d.o.b.


Each individual in Sweden is given a 4-digit numbercombination in addition to the d.o.b wich functions as this persons identification for his/her entire life. It is extremely important to retrieve this info from customers when doing financial transactions to verify that the person is who he/she claims to be.... and so forth.


Thus! My problem is the way the d.o.b is given in osC. I'd like to have a solution where:


1. The d.o.b is written "backwards" ie: 1977-09-04


2. and the 4 digits are required and added upon the dob.


3. Endresult (and what the customer would fill out) ie: 1977-09-04-0001



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