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Hello everybody,


I want to change one of my page fonts into century gothic (bold). However when I change it, the letters appear in the right font, but in a bad resolution. They are not "smooth" but with hard pixels.


Am I doing something wrong? Hope you can help me out.





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this might be useful:



if not to you then maybe others and as far a Century Gothic (or bold) is concerned it would appear that Micro$oft decided against it after Windows 98:




one-click installation..

Dave's info

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Century Gothic is not a system font therefore most people won't have it. You have two options:


1) Set your stylesheet with a suitable replacement font if Century Gothic is missing on the users computer (ie. {font-family:Century Gothic, Arial}


2) Use Microsoft Weft. This only works in IE but WEFT is pointed at your desired font. This font is then pushed onto the user's browser in a temporary session. This means you can display whatever font you like - but the font is never actually downloaded to the users computer so thre are no copyright and licensing issues.

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