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Suggestion: Multiple Products in One Listing


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Consider this scenario:

There are several products that represent essentially the same item, but with small differences (e.g. colour or size). There is a different product number (i.e. Model field) for each one, and possibly a different price, so it is necessary to set up a separate OSC "product" for each one.


It would be convenient, when one views a product, to have links to all related products in the listing. Additionally, a category list or search result would have only one line for each related group, instead of one line for each product.


The products would be distinct for all other purposes except listing and searching.


Is there any module that can accomplish this?

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have you looked at master products? definitely sounds like the way to go for me...





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I need a similiar kind of behaviour, but the difference is that I have around 10 different parameters for each customization. Is it something this extension could handle. Also, based on the parameters selected, my prices will vary, so is that something I can do using this extension.


Here is a excerpt from the other question I posted in general support area

"I am new to OSCommerce and have a novice question. If I want to sell a product that is cusotmizable - i.e. six different parameters can be selected by the user (like color, height, angle ...), and the user selection will determine the final price of the product, meaning a black product could cost different from white.


Additionally, the user should be able to cofigure mutlipe of these product in the same page (Think of a hard drive where the user is ordering two hard drive, one for 5400 RPM, 60 GB, and another one for 7200 RPM/80 GB.) For ease of use I just want to have a page, where the user can select upto 10 different customized product without navigating away from the page. The final price will depend on what actual configuration the user has choosen, and how many of each of those the user has choosen. I have the logic coded to determine the price in javascript.


Is it something doable in OSCommerce. Any pointers would be really helpful."



Perfect! Thank you, Monika.
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