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apache server and soft links


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I'm rather new to osCommerce (I found it on Monday this week). I need to setup a store with multiple frontends - which I've been able to do with the Multi Store contribution. What I'd like to do is run each shop front from the same files where possible - so each store has it's own configure files but shares the same images and languages files, and basic files. All the shop fronts look the same but carry different products.


The problem I'm currently having is that apache won't serve images and php files that I've soft linked - it will serve hard linked files but I'm hoping to soft link whole directories and obviously I can't hard link directories.


I'm not an apache or linux expert by any stretch of the imagination so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks




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I've managed to solve this problem. Seems I needed to configure apache to FollowSymlinks:


Options Indexes FollowSymlinks






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