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The e-commerce.

Auto Email Notification


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Sorry for being such a noob but I had to ask this cos I don't even know where to begin searching. My search turned out 10s of thousands of listing.


I just need to get oscommerce to email myself upon a sale being made. Right now it only sends an email to the customer but I need to have a self notification activated.


Could some kind soul tell me how to do this or point the way for me? Thank you so very much



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Hi, I'm new here as well and new to the program. I have muddled through most of it but I have the same issue. I only get notification if I add my e-mail to the "send extra order e-mails to" section. The two lines above that "email address" and "email from" are correct.


I know I'm missing something, what is it?









is your admin panel > configuration > My Store >email gubbins set correctly?
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The questions is, shouldn't the program be e-mailing the store owner when an order is received??? I assume something is wrong, yes my little work around worked but I really would like to have the program work correctly.


Anyone know the answer?




Thank you. Advise from Charles worked.


BTW, Anyone know where we can find more thorough writeups on the programming in oscommerce so that I can progressively learn the ropes of oscommerce.



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