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Rearrange text on homepage around 'New Products' box


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Hi all


I've gone through the Knowledge Base and searched the forums but can't find a solution to this problem so am hoping one of you nice people might be able to help out. ;)


Our site is: http://www.oxfamirelandshop.org/catalog/index.php


It was set up by another designer while I was on leave, I've just returned and have been making a few tweaks. I've been able to make most of the changes no problem, but there's one thing that's giving me jip. You'll see the centre column of the homepage starts with a load of text, and then the 'New Products for October' box is down at the base of the page. Ideally I would like the page to start with product shots rather than a load of dry text as I think its more appealing to the user. So I need to split and rearrange the text and move the new products box up, and then have the text continue beneath it. I've gone through the File Manager but haven't been able to pinpoint the code for the new products box, and I'm also not sure how to rearrange the text - and I'm very nervous of messing with it and breaking the homepage.


Anyone have any ideas? Thanks...!

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You need to look in your stores main directory ( index.php ) then scroll down to where you see //Default Page you can then see the defines and move them around.


Should always backup before making any changes.

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Thanks so much for your help, that's great! I've found the defines as you described and was able to move the New Products box up to the top of the page.


There's still a few tweaks needed...I would ideally like about 4-5 lines of the text above the new products box, just the 'welcome to our site' and the credit card info. How would I split the text that's currently in the TEXT_MAIN area? Do I just define a new area in the english/index.php file and then duplicate a table row in the main directory? I'm not a PHP programmer so need to be very careful with the code...


Also do you know how I could set the New Products box to display six items instead of nine



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