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The e-commerce.

About everybody

seCret steVe

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How bout we get to know some of the people of this community. IT would be interesting to see where some of us come from. And what we do. I guess i will start.


Name: Steven Pignataro

Age: 19

Sex: Male


I live in michgan i enjoy learning more about php and osc has really opened my eyes up to what you can do with php other then the losly written scripts that really did nothing. I have been studing osc for about a year now and have followed its development and i am getting schocked with the faboulous outcome of the project. The input from other people is just one of the best that i have seen on the web.


More about me: I enjoy computers, hacking (no not the bad stuff...that would be cracking....me not that), magic (you know poof you be gone), writting, graphics, web page desiging, reading, drawing/art, spending time with my girl, workign, and doing basically anything that has to do with OSC.


Where can i be found alot: http://www.elitehackers.com




Sites that i have done:

http://www.thirdwatchnet.com not up no more... :(



and tons others that have either moved due to name changes.


Fav sites:






So lets find out more about other people and there liking

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Good idea Steve.


Name: Jason

Age: 23

Location: Austin, Texas

Occupation: network admin


Well like I said, I am 23 years old as of September 6th. I am the athletic type, playing Amateur paintball (level before pro), Single A baseball, golf, and just a regular gym junky. I am 100% self taught when it comes to computers. I have been playing with them for over 10 years beginning with an Apple IIGS :-)


I build computers, websites, and networks on the side for friends and families. I like to ride my motorcycle and play in the mud with my Rodeo.


Sites I have done:


teamvx.visionxtreme.net (I am news poster "admin")


austinredwings.com (50% complete. My baseball team)


I guess that's about it. I am a home body and like to lay on the couch with my girlfriend.



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Though I personally like the idea, we must be aware that such an introduction will be used by some minor-minded peope to flood us all with SPAM ;-)


Keeping that in mind:


Jan Wildeboer, married with children, male, 32.


Hobbies: Playing with children and building up IKEA furniture ;-)


Location: Germany


Profession: Looking for a new job as Sysadmin or PHP-Dev.



You can't have everything. That's why trains have difficulty crossing oceans, and hippos did not adapt to fly. -- from the OpenBSD mailinglist.

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While we're at it...

Name: Matthijs (pronounced Mattice)

Sex: male

Age: 29 (hitting 30 this year)

Status: Living together with girlfriend, two cats and a dog

Profession: root :D

Location: The Netherlands (you know, windmills, wooden shoes, marihuana & red light districts)

Tech hobbies: Linux, php, (web)design, e-commerce

Reg Hobbies: 50's/60's USA cars, collector of all sorts of vintage crap, cooking (seriously :!: )


Got into computers through my Atari 2600 and C=64. Instead of 'Hello World' is got hooked on

10 print "groovy!"

20 goto 10




Some fav sites:




http://www.kranten.com (dutch)

"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them"

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OK, I've been lurking for several weeks now, so I guess I should throw my hat in.


Chris Bradley


age: 31

Database Programmer/Analyst II


My programming background is mostly shell scripting stuff, and sql on a linux box. Mostly, I move massive amounts of data around using bulk loading commands and ftps.


I prefer Perl, but probably only because I have more experience with it. I love learning new languages, and I currently teach SQL optimization.


I decided to open a business in my spare time ( :roll: ), and I chose OSCommerce over 3 or 4 other open source solutions mostly because of the community support.


NOTE: As of Oct 2006, I'm not as active in this forum as I used to be, but I still work with osC quite a bit.

If you have a question about any of my posts here, your best bet is to contact me though either Email or PM in my profile, and I'll be happy to help.

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Been hiding myself too, but finally decided to post to the BBoard. So here goes:


Name: Craig Cairley

age : 29 (30 next year, haha mattice)

Profession: Web/Graphic Designer/PHP/DB programmer, whatever is needed!!!


About me: I'm from a varied Technical background, did Electronics for a while, the Support, then Consultancy, now I'm worinkg with a few collegues to build a company up. Varied IT skills, and it's hard work, but fun too! But I need a real job to make some more money to help make the business work! Poo!


Status: Living with my girlfriend and daughter and cat.

Location: UK


Anyway, as I always say,

L8rz............ C

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I like the new forums myself -- not sure it's as easy to follow the latest threads, but the friendliness here is a boon, IMHO.


About me:


Name: Jason

Age: 31

Married: Happily, no kids, yet.


Location: Brooklyn, though in the last 8 years I've lived in Phoenix, Cape Cod, Boston, SF, West Hollywood, Amsterdam, Tuscarora NV, and now Brooklyn. We're moving back west at the end of the month, not sure where (it's between a possible job back in LA, cheap living in Las Vegas, or house to purchase in Tuscarora NV -- a formerly abandoned mining town with 12-15 residents, 52 miles from the closest town, at the end of a dirt road under a mountain).


Employment: I wish ... no I don't ... maybe I do ... might start taking consulting opps (as meager as they are) a little more seriously. My OSC shop is actually growing very rapidly -- would be happy to do it full-time.


Tech Background: Built a bunch of early ISPs, built a very big e-commerce company in the dotcom heighdays, finally starting to learn PHP and get back into the coding side of things. Nobody wants managers anymore :-).


Hobbies: contemporary art, video art, photography, biking (long distance), skydiving, relocating (hah), my hungarian background, grad school catalogues


Love OS COMMERCE. A year from now it'll be truly formidable, I hope to do my part sometime after I relocate and settle in.

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Good idea. Nice to see where other folks come from.


Name: Jeff Stewart

age : 48 :(

Profession: computer sales/service, database programmer, web designer, basically anything for a buck!


About me: Spent twenty years in the entertainment industry (film, television and live theatre) as a technician, designer and administrator. In the midst of that, took up computers in 1980, made my living programming on an IBM System/38 and AS400 for a while in the early 90's (RPG, COBOL, CL and BASIC), did some custom apps using dbase and foxbase, discovered PHP and mySQL a couple of years ago, decided the combo was the cat's ass.


I'm working on getting a couple of oscommerce sites live in the very near future, one for a building supply company with about 10,000 items in the database - pretty much ready to go. you can check it out at it's temporary home: www.yantzitimbr.com/catalog What a great system!


I ride a 1980 mint condition Yamaha XS1100 when the weather is nice, and drive a boring 1994 Oldsmobile when it's not.



Location: Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Unexpect the Expected

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We should have done this a while ago.


Name: Gary Wells

age : 34

Profession: computer sales/service, database programmer, web designer, basically anything for a buck!


About me: I absolutely new nothing about computers 2 years ago since that I have gotten my MCP, A+, I-Net+, PHP, MySql, ASP, HTML just to name a few. I really enjoy the feeling of completing something and having people say "That really looks good".


A friend of mine REALLY like PHP so together we developed a plug in that works in FrontPage that allows you to use PHP without loading it up to the server for processing. You can see that at www.totalpconline.com


I have one Oscommerce store completed and have 3 others that I have to do for clients all though finding the time to do it is getting more difficult because of my no fun day job.


I really have to say the this Oscommerce community rocks. Everyone is nice and very helpful during the short stay that I have had here. I must say keep up the good work and let me know if I can help in any way.


These are some of the sites that I have made in the past two years.


www.hartlandcollectibles.com (Custom E-Commerce)

www.eyecube.com (Flash)



www.bananabayhawaii.com (Oscommerce)




Location: Honolulu, Hawaii :D

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Name: James Giancotti

age : 26

Profession: IT Consultant specialising in web/graphic design in e-learn portals


About me: A Commerce Law graduate but now a web developer for Deloitte Consulting (go figure!) Come from a training background, and work with e-learn applications including flash and authorware.


Starting my own business (mygeekshop) which has been selling everything from CD's to Comics, DVD's and Toys. Seems that most of the money has been made from selling my old Transformers and Masters of the Universe figures.


My love for this project is simply because it's a group of ppl sharing knowledge and working for the better of IT in general. In the jobs I have been working for multi-nationals, I tend to get caught up in the by a brand name cause it is recommended. OsCommerce has changed that and to be a contributor and also have the best forum which is so helpful is why I keep staying!!!


Some of my work (outside intranets and e-learning apps)



www.mygeekshop.com/catalog/default.php (oscommerce-testsite but have a look)



Status: Engaged

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Ideal Location: Somewhere in Koh Samui

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Here goes......


Name: John Fletcher

Age: 34

Location : Essex, UK


Job: Recently gave up IT consulatancy (UNIX), to run own reselling biz for SUN kit. I used to be a proper 'city-boy' reaping the big money off loaded clients, but to be honest, I got bored of the whole 'sys adm' lark. Apart from the fact the market has collasped abit :(....


These days I buy and sell mainly SUN kit, from Sparcs to Enterprise stuff.

Came across OSC when I noticed a site (adslresource) and thought, very nice, clean cut etc. After a bit of trawling, found it and never looked back. I must say this is the best community I've come across.


Skills vary from old school 6502 assembly, to hacking about with web stuff.


The only web I've done with OSC is my biz site www.itsupplies.net, its still in dev, but I'm well happy with it so far


Thanks to everyone for all the hard work that makes it possible



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Oh well, I guess it comes to us all!!


Name: Simon Keats

Age: 34

Job: Freelance anything!

Location: UK


Right. Started as an Estate Agent (yeah, ok. heard it!) Went self employed. Found that I could do 'stuff' on the web and then found Osc: cut my php teeth on it although still in the 'milk' stage!


No kids. Divorced. One dog. Not a Mason. Ditched the mortgage. Emigrating to Spain at the end of October. Believe Gary Numan is the future of music!


Word of mouth has given me enough work for the next 4 months so I'm now either going to continue with osc commercially or become a gliding instructor. Hey, maybe both!! :)


Either way, I dont think I can stay away from this community. It's like home!!!


You lot are the best.


Keep the flag flying..



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chuckles... I started to fill this out earlier but I usually stay under a cloak..


Name Jason

Age 47

time in osc: 1 1/4 years

Location: Texas

Well lets see .. where should I begin. I agree with Jan this could be very bad but since I also like the idea and everyone is taking a stand.....


The girl to the left is my daughter .. she is the only one that gets me away from my companies, "daddy I want.. and yes she usually gets" ... hacked for the army when I was in college(I think it is termed cracked now)... wrote video games for atari 2600, 400, 800, commodore64, ti994a's ... played in the design tanks of ibm and other select companies(warning: if following this route please be advised to bring life raft) references of striping in electonic digests and pc tech journal burnt out bad and sat on the stoops of nyc for 6 months playing blues and something brought me back here... went public with 2 companies so far. hoping this one will get me to the beach 8) .... damn I probably have said to much

hobbies: golf, swimming, playing with leggos, composing music, playing blues... (hell I be from texas what you xpect boy.. where be my string tie)

now I know I have said nuff

(my knowledge is so small you would think that an ant was a genius in comparison)

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Hi folks,


Name: Dominik Guder

Age: 31 (left 30 recently)

Profession: Network- and Systemengineer

Location: Germany


With osC since 1 1/2 year, maintainer of the German banktransfer-module


Living with my gilrfriend and seeking for a new job :-(



Maintainer German Banktransfer 0.92

The answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything is 42 (Douglas Adams)

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Here I go


Name: Pablo Pasqualino

Age: 22

Location: Argentina (our country is not as bad as it is show on tv this days)


Right now I am living with my wife (Paula).

Waiting a baby in about 5 months :D

I have my own company together with 3 partners.

I love music (heavy metal... Rhapsody, Stratovarius, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica... and many many more)... soccer (Racing Club!)... Futurama... Simpsons... and movies.


I have been working with PHP since 1999, and with osCommerce since 4 months ago (what a pity I have not discovered it earlier)


I still have not my own osCommerce site... but I hope to have one soon.


Some sites I have worked in:









Best regards!

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Hey Pablo,


I've heard that Argentinian girls are HOT!! And they LOVE light skinned Men.


Any truth?


NOTE: As of Oct 2006, I'm not as active in this forum as I used to be, but I still work with osC quite a bit.

If you have a question about any of my posts here, your best bet is to contact me though either Email or PM in my profile, and I'll be happy to help.

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I've heard that Argentinian girls are HOT!! And they LOVE light skinned Men.



You are right, our girls are very HOT!

Lots of the girls are really nice... and many of them like party! hehe

It is a very liberal country about sex and fun... so go to disco here is a good adventure :)


One thing is not true... they dont like skinned man :satisfied:

We, the ones with hair are the luckies ones hehe

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My name is Bill Humphrey and I live in Puerto Rico where the girls are also not very fond of lightly skinned men. I'm married, 49 years old and live in the rain forest. I own a shipping agency www.bluewatermaritime.com (little ships that go down island for a song) and my wife owns a flower shop www.paradisestore.com. My dream is to not have to work on the docks anymore and just grow exotic tropicals and orchids for the flower shop.


I think this OSC community is great and I'm working on a store for the flower shop (which will require lots of customization for the delivery data etc).

www.florista-pr.com is where the test site is and it will be Spanish/English only. I started programming in dbase and moved on to hypercard and will do anything as long as it isn't windoz.

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Thought I would add my 2cents in:


Name: Brandon Sweet (yes thats my last name)

Age: 24 (as of Sept 11... bad day huh)

Occupation: Body Guard (believe it or not)

Status: Married w/3year old daughter.


I started bedtimegirl.com a year ago Sept 4th. My wife had gotten into selling sextoy and lingerie at home parties while I was in the Marine Corps. We made good money at it seeings how the military doesn't really pay you much. I got out in July of 2000 and we quickly found out that none military people just are not as "freaky" as military people are so in 2001 I decided to take what I knew of web design and build us a website for our products.


A year has passed and 4 different designs have been flushed down the tubes then a friend or mine that lives in Kansas City told me about OSCommerce in August of this year.


As far as I'm concerned there is no other alternative to do it yourself E-Commerce, this beats them all. I have been able to take our little dream of www.bedtimegirl.com and make it a reality in a months time.


I hope you guys dont consider this spam I just wanted to show people what I've done with my OSCommerce.


My Contributions:




Brandon Sweet

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