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Selling zip downloads


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I have a site selling softcore adult zip files. Well, I WANT to sell them. I have been looking at the forums for a bit now, but can't find specific suggestions as to how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated, or point me to the appropriate thread if this has already been dealt with. Thanks!


What I want to have happen is that customers click on a zip download link, which brings them to EITHER a shopping cart where the zip file order is stored, and they can continue ordering other zip files to download; OR click on the download link and be brought right to an order form.


Either way, once their credit card info is approved, I'd like the page to immediately begin downloading the zip file they've ordered. (If they absolutely have to be redirected to a page to manually begin download, then so be it. The automatic download would be more convenient, I think, but if there's a security issue--that is, if a savvy customer could somehow get around the credit card order form and go right to the download page, I think it'd be better if the credit card approval automatically triggers the download without a further page being involved, you know what I mean?)


So my questions (right now--I'm sure I'll have more) are, A.) is this all do-able through OSCommerce? And B.), does anyone know which of the listed payment processors listed on the OSCommerce site here accept adult site file orders? I can't use PayPal, and CCBill doesn't do this stuff, they say--just a membership fee processor. I don't want my site to be membership-based at all. Just the ordering of zip downloads.


I guess what I need to know is how to set up OSCommerce on my site to accept digital download orders, and trigger those downloads, and then find a payment processor to handle the transactions.


More help needed later, I'm sure--I can already see that I'll need to know how to code to automatically trigger the download (unless that comes in the OSC bundle).


Thanks everyone! Let me know if you need/want to see the site as it's currently set up (not taking orders yet, because I don't know how to set that up! :'(

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