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Shopping from "vanity" site - works, but...


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Have vanity site for hubby's art, basically showing off everything. Some works are available for sale - at our separate osC store. The items available for sale are scattered throughout the site, and I want visitors to be able to "buy on inspiration" as they browse and not have to start over at the store (maybe losing inspiration...). I have basically figuered out how to accomplish that, but one issue remains: How can I provide them with ONE WINDOW, only, for the various products pages and (hopefully!) shopping cart? What I have now works, per se, but is klonky - either a new window for each product they click on, or they have to use the browser back button to return to the vanity site spot where they were. Shopping cart retains ID, and all, but it is confusing to a potential buyer - if they put items in the cart, in particular (since they may not want to X out of that window).

This is the basic code that I have: (found in the knowledge base, I believe)




if ( isset($_COOKIE['osCsid']) && !empty($_COOKIE['osCsid']) ){

$osCsid = $_COOKIE['osCsid'];

output_add_rewrite_var('osCsid', $osCsid);

} else {





<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">





>>>>stuff/metas here>>>>>



<body background="avpix/3bggot.jpg" bgcolor="#BCDDFE" link="#836A9F" vlink="#800080" text="#00008B">


<table width="100%">


<td width="25%" align="left">

? <! ----other gallery pages navigate to "previous" from this cell---->


<td width="25%" align="center">

<a href="index.htm"><b>HOME</b></a> <! ---this is to the non-osC site, the vanity site--->


<td width="25%" align="right">

<img src="avpix/visa.gif" alt="visa">

<a href="http://www.karrart.com/xxxxxx/catalog/index.php" target="_blank"><b>SHOP</b>


<img src="avpix/mc.gif" alt="mastercard">


<td width="25%" align="right">

<a href="2dpre2.php"><b>NEXT</b></a>



>>>>>>>art gallery stuff here>>>>>>>>


<a href="http://www.karrart.com/xxxxxxx/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=35">

<b><i>Gicl?e print available at our store!</i></b></a>


>>>>>>more art gallery stuff here - some for sale, some not>>>>>>>>>









Any suggestions would be appreciated!



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