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The e-commerce.

Using Oscommerce as a bookstore


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Hi all


I want to use OSCommerce as a bookstore


First off

my clients current stock sytem is an old DOS based system which can export the info in CSV format, in the following form

ISBN, Price, Quantity


this exported file is what will be used to update stock prices and quantity in OSCommerce


now when i set Oscommerce as a bookstore i will need to add extra fields (ISBN, Author etc), i have read about the Add extra products contribution, which does most of what i want, but it stores the extra fields in a new table which may cause problems for me


The Problem is that that the DOS system is based on the ISBN as the key value, and i am not sure how I will be able to easily update the oscommerce database from the DOS generated CSV file if the information is split between 2 table, the person who will be doing the updates is not massivly computer savvy, so i was hoping for a solution that I could just upload the file


This looks promising but hasn't been updated in a while, (anyone used it)




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The Oscommerce system allows you to set up category for products. Where you set up a category and then added products assign to that product. The model number will be the unique identifier for your product

which could be the ISBN number...The way I would start is to go to

the admin side and do a backup first of the data...Then go to the catalog

and set up a category and add a product within that category...

Go to the easypopulate and download a complete cvs file...

Use a Spread sheet to open the file that was downloaded...This will

show you how your data looks and a templete of what your cvs file

should look like...The spread sheet will allow you to create a cvs or

',' seperated file which you can use to upload using the easypopulate util. The idea is to get the dos file in the format category/product you want...You can use the spread sheet to manipulate the dos file...

I hope this helps.



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