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One product, many manufacturers


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I want to use the manufacturers functionality in a customized way: I need to add several manufacturers on a single product.

Example: if I want to sale golf equipments issued from an unique manufacturer I will put them in normal categories (pants, gloves, shoes, putters, ...). Simple. But it would be great to allow customers to have a transversal selection to enter the products: men, women, children, right handed, left handed...

In this case, the manufacturer fonctionality will be useless. So why not try to modify it a bit and use it for what I need.

A contribution (Manufacturer2) seems to respond to this need. But: 1/ the comments are not very encouraging, 2/ it looks pretty heavy.


I'm a begginer in php/mysql, but have some experiences in other data base systems. So I have an idea on how I could solve this problem and I'll like to have advices on this before trying to implement it= change a brick of the wall!


Would it be possible to :

- change the type of manufacturers_id (INT) which is in the products table to varchar. This would allow multiples entries, ex.: 1,2,7,9... which correponds to the one allocated to manufacturers_id in the manufacturers table.

- change the request related to the pulldown list in the manufacturers box to make it search on the "contains" mode dispite the original "equal" mode.

- at last, change the entry mode in the product page of the admin from a pulldown menu to something else... I'm to young in php/mysql to figure out what kind of of graphical interface is available in such a case: radio boxes, multiple selection list, simple text box? If necessary, on a first stage, I could enter the correct values through phpmyadmin!

I've tried, and with manual requests, it displays a correct selection: the same product appears in several "manfacturers" lists. But, such a successful test doesn't mean to me that it will work correctly all through OSC. And prior to spend a lot of time for nothing, I will appreciate expert advices...

Thank you for your attention ;-)

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