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The e-commerce.

Need to delete some text and an image.


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How do I delete the whole area where it displays text such as "Let's See What We Have Here" in the categories list and the Product name/price? Or how could I atleast move it lower on the page? I want my desciption to be touching my header bar and not have that big clunky text in the way.


Also I need to know if I can possibly remove/move the (click here to enlarge) picture on the product details page. It's interfearing with the theme I'm trying to come up with for my brothers website.


I can show you an example of how here - http://speedwing.net/OSCommerce/product_in...8a5fd3e58d075d7


Actually, I'll only need to move these 2 things around for about 8 products and on the rest I believe they'll need to be where they are. The reason why I need them moved is because I want to make the products that my brother actually makes look really nice on the page and all the other stuff he sells to look pretty standard.


Thank You for any help you can give me.



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In the index.php page, under default page, is something called MAIN_TEXT. Delete this area and the welcome tekst wil be gone.


The removal of the pictures is located in the product_listing.php in include/model folder. I'm not sure where, do not have the files here. Just comment out what you think is causing you a problem. Try "Trail an error" or wait for someone to thell you the exact location. Trail and error methode also helps you to uderstand the code better.


Hope this helps

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