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The UN-Official Canada Post w/dimensions Shipping Module Support Forum


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Ok, I'm new.


I don't write contributions, I'm a HardWare guy.


HOWEVER, I'm using this Shipping Module and trying to create a place where things regarding it are all in one place. Perhaps some kind moderator could see their way clear to move everything to this thread.


Currently, stuff is all over the place and no one is getting any answers to things and I'm trying to change that so that, if there is a question, an answer can be found in the same place.


Maybe we won't get the original authors to show up here, but, maybe we will, who knows. I imagine it gets tedious answering questions or having people (even me) ask for some add-in feature. It must be equally annoying to have people bitching about it not installing or not working when you KNOW, just from what they say that they didn't read the instructions.


Be that as it may, we might get some people that have added on and/or who know the code intimately that can help us less gifted people with some of the problems, quick fixes and/or little "bells and whistles" that will make our lives just a little bit easier. Hopefully, they don't have lifes LOL.


Rule #1 is always to RTFM.


If you don't get something, read it again. If you're STILL not sure, then ask. Even some of us newbies have installed it and got it working right, so, we might be able to help out while victory is still fresh in our minds.


Even if someone has some code that they believe will add a feature, it would be nice if someone that KNOWS the code like their own name could take a quick look at it before we all blow up our module :'(


So, this is a start, and with some help, maybe we can sort this out and get this module jumping through hoops to all our benefit.



No Good Deed EVER Goes Unpunished

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