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The e-commerce.

First OSCommerce site


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Hey all,

I just recently started tinkering with OSCommerce, but have been interested in it for quite awhile. While I was building another site, I ran across it and played with it locally, but never really dug into it. Now that I've gotten the chance, I've attempted making a full blown OSCommerce store. So far everything seems to be running fine, but I haven't setup the SSL option and products yet. Before I continue with the site, I was hoping to get some feedback on the layout. Does it take too long to load? If so, would changing the image format make it load faster? Is the layout too plain? Do the colors seem to suit it well?


Thanks in advance,

Shane West - www.WestResale.com


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A few quick suggestions, on your infboxes the left corners need to be changed to black. Consider changing the buttons to match the rest of your website. I also recommend removing/changing the default osCommerce icons. Other then that your site needs ssl and I suggest getting rid of the -> and the item count in the categories infobox. Your overall design is simple by I am not a big fan of rounded boxes with thick shadows.

Andrew Yuen

osCommerce, Community Team

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You're off to a good start! I like the over design you got going.


1 - While I do like the rounded info boxes, perhaps make the border less thick. The overall width of the left column is pushing the main body of the page/site over and resulting in a horizontal scroll bar here in FireFox.


2 - Header: why is there a vertical white line on the left? And is there anything else you can add to the header? If not, reduce the height of the header to just accommodate your nice banner/logo. Headers don't necessarily have to be thick in height.


3 - Replace or delete the placing of the stock OSC clipart.


4 - Why is the "welcome" box pushed so far down on the main page? Got plans for the space above?


You've got a good design concept started - keep going! Your site is looking classy. Looking at the categories you got listed thus far, looks like you're having a smorgesborge of products - make sure your product images, product descriptions, and the quality of the products uphold your classy image. Don't cheapen yourself.

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