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duplicating contact us for email request for quotations


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I want to take contact_us and copy it, modify it, retain its email form function, yet have it have a different look and feel.


I did these things however it seems it is still tied to the contact_us in some way because when I overwrote contact_us with my new page (for testing) it worked fine. When I have both on the server, both pages look exactly like the contact_us page.


The oscommerce store I am using is a pre-packaged thing from http://www.websitetemplatedesign.com/ (not my decision, thx boss)


The contact_us is comprised of 3 pages:

one for language specific text (catalog\includes\language\english\contact_us.php) same as standard oscommerce

the other two pages split the functionality of the standard oscommerce (catalog\contact_us.php) into two parts, one is layout and html the other contains the script for sending the email when the user clicks continue on the form. Content seems to be the same for the 2v1 matchup.


What I did was change the line in catalog\contact_us.php


<?php echo tep_draw_form('contact_us', tep_href_link(FILENAME_CONTACT_US, 'action=send')); ?>



<?php echo tep_draw_form('rfq', tep_href_link(CONTENT_RFQ, 'action=send')); ?>


Added a line in catalog\inclues\filenames.php

old (still exists) for contact_us

  define('CONTENT_CONTACT_US', 'contact_us');


new for rfq

  define('CONTENT_RFQ', 'rfq');


What changes besides that looking at the standard OScommerce catalog\contact_us.php would you chage to make the copy (rfq.php) be its own standalone page?


Any help greatly appreciated!

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you are obviously on a CRE loaded version (BTW they have their own forums)


you have also been mixing up FILENAME and CONTENT info, it cannot work this way.


check out the two statements you use for the form in tep_draw_form...




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