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Okay, my OsC store is almost ready to go on line, just need to finish adding products and a few other admin things, then its ready to roll :D


Here's a few things I've been considering, but would welcome more experienced users opinions on the usefulness of my considerations


What can I do to improve the sites attraction to search engines, especially to feature my products in their search requests?


Do I need to do anything with the stock URL's that OsC generate and why?


Do I need to do anything about tags and why?


My biggest concern is image sizes and their impact on loading times. I have yet to modify my images to a common size, and in most cases smaller. Now I've seen posts about 'on the fly' image control. But have also seen comments about these slowing down the site :( So was wondering if there was anything to actually reduce the actual file size for the thumbnails displayed on the site, yet still give a decent picture size when the 'click to enlarge' function is used. Or am I way off?


I look forward to some useful advice :D Thaks in advance





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The old triage that you would have wanted to submit your site to for inclusion were google, yahoo, and altavista (altavista used to be the sort of catch all for all the other search engines out there). Visiting altavista now though it looks like they're not doing this anymore as they direct you to yahoo to register sites..

For Google, they express that the more respectable websites are linked to your site the higher you will end up in google searches. Yahoo has all sorts of payment options by which you can give them lots of money and not have to worry about any other strategy wrt positioning in searches.


As to the urls question here is a group of contributions that you might decide to use if you want having read through them.



I'd do some contribution searches for the image stuff too. There are a number of nice thumbnail etc related ones.

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