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I am soooooo stupid! Such a noob mistake!


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OK well let's start off by letting me say that I am a noob with osc. I did some tutorials and whatnot and began to make my store. A little distance from completion, it has taken me awhile. But, what has been the worse is the attributes and edit products due to changes.


Now, the problem, I decided to hit duplicate product instead of link when I put it into a different category (I'm making an iPod accessory store so there's TONS of duplicating with all the models). I would have to select each one and make attributes and have to go through alll the models and edit each one. I thought, being the noob I am, that copying it with a link would take them to the other category that it was duplicated from, hence the link. I decided to try it because I had a feeling I have been doing it all wrong. I tried it and wa la. From now on, I will copy the product using the link, but I have hundreds of products that have been done the wrong way, without the link. When my store is up and running, I don't want to have to edit each one individually when new models come, or price changes (it takes a long time), I would rather edit one and it automatically edit the products linked.


Is there anyway to link the products after I duplicated them besides deleting all, the recopying all of them? I feel beyond stupid at the moment and have spent the last few minutes taking my anger out on various things.



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