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how to get drop shipping suppliers???


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I have a problem finding suppliers. I want to open a webstore selling motorcycle parts and accessories. But I can?t find a supplier that will drop ship because I don?t have a physical retail store.


I also would like to start a lingerie webstore. Again I?d like dropshippers to directly send the products to my clients.


Can anyone help as to where I can find dropshippers and how to overcome the fact that I don?t have a retail store? Thank you!

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no offense to you personally, but why would anyone share their suppliers with you?


retail or online - this is a competitive business, regardless of what field you niche.


i couldn't believe my eyes when just randomly viewing the "my store" section of this board; people sharing their suppliers!!


people go on and on about how to DEFEAT their competitors, yet others are SHARING the core information to any business, within this very website.


shame on you all! :lol:

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I totally agree with eww, I know everyone has to start somewhere but surely you have some inclination as to how to find suppliers :blink:


Do your homework, read trade magazines or even just the ones aimed at retail and I am sure you will find more than enough suppliers and rememeber google is your friend.


If you think finding suppliers is hard then I think you either dont have the determination or just have no clue about your chosen industry.


Mark :thumbsup:

Lifes a bitch, then you marry one, then you die!

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Not sure why anyone would blanantly state who their suppliers are. I have answered "how to find drop shipper" threads in detail on HOW to find drop shippers - but NOT who they are.


Many times, companies that wholesale don't necessarily state they will drop ship, so you need to email them asking. I have found many drop shippers this way.

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