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editing sub-category page layout


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This one is hard to explain but here goes.


I am trying to change the layout of some of the sub-category pages on my site. I sell inkjet cartridges some of my categories pages have 100s of subcategories (list of printers). I want to try and keep the stock layout for other sub-categories


This website shows exactly what I am trying to do: notice the stock layout on the inkjet cartridges category and the modified (printer list) layout on each sub-category.




I think I have to edit/add something to the index.php file but what I have no idea. If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it.


Thanks, David.

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Thanks for the reply Ted, I have look at the code between those two points and there's an awful lot of it!! being a php dummy I don't know what I have to change it to order to change the way the category titles are displayed. If someone could help me out it would be great.

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I've got the category list as I would like, now I need to seperate them into groups. For example the are a few different types of epson printer i.e epson stylus, epson stylus colour, epson stylus photo and so on... I would like to serperate then into these groups and add a title for each group. (the link I posted earlier shows this)


epson stylus


list of epson stylus printers


epson stylus colour


list of epson stylus colour printers


epson stylus photo


list of epson stlus photo printers


and so on...


I need different title for different categories i.e HP, canon, brother etc and don't want any titles or groups in the higher level category layouts i.e ink cartridges.


Could someone be kind enough to provide me with some code to get me started on this?



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