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The e-commerce.

backgound image moves around


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I went into the css and added this:




background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-position: 50% 90%;

color: #000000;

background-color: 3399cc;

margin: 0;




Now, the backgound image shows up, but when a link is selected in the catalog, (say for pillows to view the products) the background image will move. Sometimes it is at the very bottom of the page...?? How do I get the image to remain at the top of the page, no matter what part of the catalog the user is in?

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difficult to guess without seeing the problem but did you try:

background: url(images/1.jpg) fixed no-repeat;




yep, tried it. On the home page the image is fine, but on all the other pages it is at the bottom of the page...and sometimes there is just a sliver of the image showing on the bottom...argh! It's very frustrating.

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