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Dr Nick needs help, any help, SOMEONE HELP!

Chris Smith

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Warning: reset() [function.reset]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /home/*****/public_html/****/includes/classes/object_info.php on line 17


Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in /home/*****/public_html/******/includes/classes/object_info.php on line 18


Hi everybody,


I have just installed discount coupon codes 2.1 it seems a little unsuccessful I am now getting this error message and I would like to know how not to get this error message any more. it's not messing with the display but in admin in the header I am getting these two messages.


Thanks Dr Nick :thumbsup:

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You need to have a "subject," and a "predicate" (even if it's an incomplete one) before you can have an "object;" unless, of course, the sentence includes a "preposition."


Sorry, I couldn't resist that.


I can't tell you exactly what your problem is, but I can give you an idea. You are parsing a variable in the new contribution that has no definition in a corresponding functions program. I haven't used that contribution, but I'd look closer at the instructions and see if there is an instruction about adding something to either a function module already in place, or adding a function module. I am assuming your talking about admin/functions and not catalog/functions.


If you look in the general_functions PHP, you'll see a line that says something like "isset_object" It defines the variable as an objcet. I'm sorry I can't be much more help than that, but it's a start.

Just between us, remember there are only 10 kinds of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don't!!


Remember, learning is a "do-it-yourself" experience; although, not necessarily a "do-it-BY-yourself" experience.


The quickest way to learn is to forget to BACKUP!

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