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More Attribute Issues...

Mr. Bland

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Okay... down to business.



I have 2 dropdown attribute selections for 1 item.


Each dropdown is of a different length for the item on sale. And each length dropdown has its own set of thickness.


My predicament is this:


I need to make it so that a person can select either one option or the other. If they selected the top dropdown, they can't select the bottom, without changing the top back to default.


Currently, I have followed the following readme file that somebody replied to my earlier thread with.


The second contribution on the page


It has made it so that the customer must select an option from both, which is what I can't have. They must only be able to select one or the other.


Please help me out here...




Oh, and also, at the top of the item page I am receiving this php code on the page.

// az - Start Enforce Attribute Select  // az - End Enforce Attribute Select

After I followed the readme.

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first off, the code you provided shows that an area of code that is supposed to be comments withing the page, are just in the wrong place. You can locate those and safely erase them or comment them out properly.


Second, You could jsut use radio options. where instead of a dropdown list, they can pick just one attribute. you could also, if the products are so different they can't be configured the way stated, make two seperate products for each dropdown list. Meaning one product will have one dropdown list, and a similar looking product will have the other dropdown list. That can also be a temp solution.


I hope I helped you in some fashion, as I don't have a definite answer for yur asthetic issue.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.


p.s. BACKUP!

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