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Can't Display Shipping Methods with Fedex


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I am using a loaded version (creloaded) of oscommerce, and am not able to display the text descriptions of the Fedex options ("2 Day Air", etc.), when installing it on a test site. My shipping from location is Canada. For a shipping destination to the U.S., I'm seeing 4 different rates and radio buttons, but no descriptions.



The Debug information shows as:



Data sent to Fedex for Rating: 0,"25"10,"333555905"498,"1816579"8,"AB"9,"T2H1N6"117,"CA"17,"33126"16,"FL"50,"US"75,"KGS"1116,"C"1401,"2.2"1529,"1"1415,"370.00"68,"USD"440,"Y"1273,"01"1333,"4"99,""

Data returned from Fedex for Rating: 0,"125"1376,"KGS"1133,"4"2399-1,"2"1273-1,"01"1274-1,"01"1090-1,"CAD"431-1,"N"1402-1,"2.2"1416-1,"77.75"1417-1,"16.50"1418-1,"2.00"1419-1,"92.25"195-1,"MIA"2399-2,"2"1273-2,"01"1274-2,"03"1090-2,"CAD"431-2,"N"1402-2,"2.2"1416-2,"56.00"1417-2,"12.91"1418-2,"2.00"1419-2,"66.91"195-2,"MIA"2399-3,"2"1273-3,"01"1274-3,"06"1090-3,"CAD"431-3,"N"1402-3,"2.2"1416-3,"132.85"1417-3,"25.59"1418-3,"2.00"1419-3,"156.44"195-3,"MIA"2399-4,"2"2405-4,"Y"1273-4,"01"1274-4,"92"1090-4,"CAD"1402-4,"6.0"1416-4,"16.87"1417-4,"5.70"1418-4,"0.00"1419-4,"22.57"3058-4,"5"99,""


If I change the shipping destination to Canada, I get 3 rates, the first of which contains the description "Priority (by 10:30AM", and no description for the other 2 rates.

I had made the documented change in fedex1.php from USD to CAD at "Insurance value currency".

A similar problem was posted at http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?sho...63&hl=fedex .


Does anyone have any insights into this?




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My posting on this would not have been put up, if I had had a closer look at the templates/content/checkout_shipping.tpl.php file, to which I had made changes in order to allow the UPS delivery method, but not the number of days to show.

Using the original version of checkout_shipping.tpl.php avoids a problem like this.



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