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php $_POST getting information from a 3rd party form


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Ok.. Here is a short version of what I am doing..


I have an order form (3rd party) that I am using $_POST to gather information from and submit it to my product as attribute values. Dont ask.. lol


Anyhow.. After the form gathers the information from the customer I have created a PHP to allow the customer to verify/change the form information before it is submitted to the store...


I want to have the PHP script echo a given name for one of my variables since it is a hidden input on the form.


This is the idea I am after..


<?php if $_POST["endtype"]="170" echo "Large Ford";

if $_POST["endtype"]="171" echo "Small Ford";

if $_POST["endtype"]="173" echo "Large GM";



The text has no bearing on the attribute value, I just want the customer to be able to see "Large Ford" instead of "170" which is the attribute option value.


I know that is totally jacked up and it crashes my PHP script.. Can someone help me format that, or is it possible? "endtype" is the name of the input on the form and is given a value that corresponds to a defined attribute in OSC.. It works, just cant get that text to display on my little confirmation page.



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Nevermind.. I think I got it..


<?php $end_type = $_POST["endtype"];


if ( $end_type == "170" ) {

echo "Big Ford";


if ( $end_type == "171" ) {

echo "Big Ford - New Style";



echo "Is the housing end type"; ?>


That works!

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