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Paypal IPN FAQs Thread


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I know I am new here but I thought a FAQ section is needed, which simplifies searches for common problems. This is a common section within other forums like this.


Please do not post questions here. Post only questions and answers to problems that you know the solution. If you have a question, use the support thread. Thanks



How do I get Paypal to recognize discounts?


Background: If a person is receiving a discount (multiple items, etc), the client sees the discounted price on the confirmation page but when sent to paypal to pay, paypal does not process the discount and charges the original total price.


Solution: This is one solution that worked for me: On the OSAdmin go to modules>Payment>Paypal IPN and change the transaction type to from Item to Aggregate.


Please post other FAQs such as this on this thread! Thanks, NLD

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Question: Even with IPN installed some orders are not fully processed: no order email is sent, and inventory is not updated. How can I fix this?



Answer: This was driving me crazy because it only happened in 1 out of 5 orders. Please read the known issues of the contribution. IPN does not fix the problem of customers not returning to the site. IPN only provides a good backup so that if this happens you will have a record of the purchase. However, if the customer does not return to your site, no order email will be sent and the inventory will not be updated.


Work-around solution: Not really a solution but a method to improve the system:

1. Install the better paypal description modification so that your backup order is more detailed and the order information shows on the paypal page when working on 'aggregate'.

2. Add a more explicit note to paypal clients stating that they must return to your site to complete the order. I'm working on this and it could be added on the paypal template or on the checkout_confirmation.php


Other than that, when using paypal ipn you will still have orders that are not fully process when customers don't return, but paypal IPN will at least give you the backup record of the order.


For old-timers: I know this is old news, but I think I could save new people sometime by adding this to the FAQ thread. Cheers, NLLD.

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Al this info is already included in the install guide. Terra

My code for combining PayPal IPN with ** QTPro 4.25 ** osC Affiliate ** CCGV(trad)

and how to solve the invoice already paid error

General info: Allow customer to delete order comment ** FTP Programs & Text Editors ** Amending order email **

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Sorry Terra. It was not my intention to offend or annoy anyone. I understand that it must be so frustrating for contributors to see so many people asking questions that are answered directly on the contribution instructions/manual. This would drive me crazy too.


But the reality is that for some yet to be known reason, people have a strange phobia or allergy to manuals and fail to look there first when things don?t work. Case in point: the fact that you are correct, the Q&A that I added here are answer in the manual, yet when you search for this information on this forum there are dozens of people asking the same question!


The idea of a FAQ section is simply meant to facilitate the lives of people like myself are lazy or stupid to look for the answers on the manual and instead spend hours browsing through hundreds of posts for the answer.


I think FAQ sections are extremely useful and there is where I usually go when I have a problem. I only suggested this because there may be others like myself that would benefit from reading a long list of FAQ here at the forums.



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1. Install the better paypal description

It only shows about 140 letters. if you have 10 items in one order the description wont show all of them.

It displays all cart contents in one line and order quantity always=1. looks very unprofessional.


I now use this: osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2

it dispayed proper shopping cart at paypal. it returns to site on any circumstances.

but I think flaw is it prematures orders before customer paying. you will get alot of unpaid orders in admin.



2. Add a more explicit note to paypal clients stating that they must return to your site to complete the order. I'm working on this and it could be added on the paypal template or on the checkout_confirmation.php


sounds good. but it's not a proper solution.

I tried to put word in red but unknown orders will keep coming.

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