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Click category shows category view again (BUG?)


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In my osCommerce installation (oscommerce-2.2ms2-051113), I have had a recurring problem. While not a show-stopper, it has required me to finangle some category names to get them to show up properly.


Here's the deal:


Let's say I add a category (actually, a sub category - Subcat1 under Cat1) and name it Subcat1. I add a picture and everything appears fine. I go in through the consumer side of the cart and click on Cat1, which shows Subcat1 and the picture. When I click on Subcat1, it doesn't show the products that I've added to it - it shows the listing of Cat1 again.


I hope I've explained it well - basically, clicking on the category doesn't take me to the products - it takes me back to the category listing. I've tried it with no product and with products in the category before clicking on the category. I'm not sure if this is a bug that has been discovered and discussed (I spent 10+ minutes looking through the forum but didn't get any good search results) or if this is something that is unique to my install. Any suggestions would be helpful - the one thing that helped in the past was renaming the category. Basically, anything *but* what I had originally named it worked. However, if I renamed it, got it working, then renamed it back to the original, it no longer worked. I could try and append stuff to the category names to get them to work, but I really don't want to - I don't understand why they don't work like they should!

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