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Odd form problem--quantity in cart


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This problem seems to be cropping up only recently, which is why I consider it very odd. It seems to only happen with Firefox, but I'm not positive on that. Our OSCommerce cart has been live for about 5 months now and we are only just hearing about this from customers. I was able to re-create it with Firefox, but not with Internet Explorer.


When the customer goes to view their cart contents and tries to change item order quantities, it's very hard to select each quantity--dragging over it with the mouse button clicked does not select it, and clicking in the qty field only works sometimes; IF it works, it puts the cursor to the LEFT of the quantity instead of to the right of it as with most forms. If the customer double-clicks the quantity box, it highlights the quantity, they can change it -- and from there on out, everything works just fine with that (and only that) item's quantity this form!!!--cursor in the right place when you click the field, etc.


Anyone else experiencing this or or can guess what's going on? I'm stumped.


Our cart is at:


If anyone wants to try it.


Thanks in advance for any advice!


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With some further testing, the problem does not seem to be O/S-specific. We've had complaints that it happens on both Windows machines and Linux, and have replicated it with both Internet Explorer and Firefox on both O/Ss. However, on the machine I'm using right now (windows xp + firefox) the form problem does not happen at all -- the change quantity form in shopping_cart.php is working fine from here. This is what's making it very puzzling!


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