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tutorials on rearranging category display


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I'm looking for tutorials on how to rearrange category display into different grids (e.g. 4 across by x-number high per page.)


Anyone know of tutorials or contributions that address this? For some reason I'm striking out when searching for category display contributions that provide such functionallity.

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What option exactly am I looking for under maximum values -- I'm not seeing it?


I have:

Address Book Entries 5 Info

Page Links 5 Info

Special Products 9 Info

Search Results 20 Info

New Products Module 9 Info

Products Expected 10 Info

Manufacturers List 0 Info

Manufacturers Select Size 10 Info

Length of Manufacturers Name 15 Info

New Reviews 6 Info

Selection of Random Reviews 10 Info

Selection of Random New Products 10 Info

Selection of Products on Special 10 Info

Categories To List Per Row 3

New Products Listing 10 Info

Best Sellers 10 Info

Also Purchased 6 Info

Customer Order History Box 6 Info

Order History 10 Info


My categories display in the format:

Thumbnail Product Name+ Price Buy Now

and then the next row with the same.


I'm wanting to display the categories in a grid like the new products is displayed, but I can't figure it out. Help :)

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obviously you do not want to display categories in a grid, but the product listing.


Search for "product listing in columns" in the contribution section, this isn't part of the click-click admin.




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