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The e-commerce.

Wish to HIRE competent designer/coder!


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I hope I'm not breaking any etiquette or forum rules by making this request. If I am, please forgive and point me in the appropriate direction.


We've purchased an osCommerce template from Template Monster (#8429). We were trying to pay them to do customization on both some of the graphics as well as get it all set up for us. Basically, we wanted to pay someone so we could just walk in, flip the switch, and everything would be up and running without any technical expertise of our own. Of course we would be responsible for actual content, but we wanted the "hard" part done for us. They quoted us a reasonable $520 (US, we're in Connecticut), but they use something called "Chronopay" to process credit cards. "Chronopay" (a company based in the Netherlands) apparently doesn't like us and kept giving us "authentication errors" regardless of which credit card we tried to use. We buy things online almost every single day and this is the first time we've ever experienced any such issues.


Anyway, we have the template (purchased earlier) but since we apparently aren't able to use their "TemplateTuning.com" service (they wouldn't allow us to pay any other way, including FedEx-ing a company or cashiers check for full payment in advance) we have to seek another solution. We have a flexible budget, and we REALLY like to TALK to the person/people we work with (TemplateTuning was CHAT-ONLY! Very frustrating!). We're pressed for time however, so we need someone who can get to work almost immediately. We can make payment in any form -- check, PayPal, credit card, etc. If you're relatively local we'd love to get together and discuss it. We're only looking for small graphical changes to the template, perhaps a logo-change as well, but we're generally satisfied with the template structure.


Basically, we want someone with decent Photoshop/Graphics skills (or access to them) and that can make our entire osCommerce system WORK, INCLUDING getting it running with our merchant processing service/gateway (MC/Visa, Amex, Disc, which we already have ready and waiting to be implemented) and possibly even with our PayPal business account.


Domain is YottaBox.com (inactive at the moment, for obvious reasons) and my company/personal information is:


Brendan Getchel

Corporate Business Systems, Inc.

1470 Baldwin St.

Waterbury, CT 06706

Tel: (203) 599-1553

Mobile: (203) 435-3818

Skype: bgetchel

Email: [email protected]


If you have references, all the better. Thanks!

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We've gotten a couple of responses to our plea for help but we'd like to get a couple more just to feel like we have a good base to choose from. Again, our budget is flexible, especially if we find someone we feel "connected" to.


Thanks again, and apologies again as well if this is needless forum "noise."




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