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The e-commerce.

New Shop Launched (but need guidance)


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Hello all!


I am fairly new to php so please bear with me,


I am setting up a new site: http://www.s156747252.websitehome.co.uk/shop/catalog/


I am having difficulties with adjusting the homepage, what I want to do is move the "New Products for >month< up to just below were it says "autumm offers" and delete the rest so those two tables on the homepage.


Can anyone guide me on how to do that?

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You are well on your way of dealing with the frustrations of learning a new platform, AND the feeling you get when you get it JUST the way you like it. Until you do it 40 times for clients THEN you get sick of it hehe.


At any rate.


The first thing you need to do is remove those little orange/red box warnings at the top of your screen. Copy and paste portions of those warnings into the search box and many posts will give you detailed instructions on how to remove those.


Also, may I suggest that you learn to use a php coder such as TSW WebCoder (great) and programs like Beyond compare for installing contributions.


I'm sure there are many new tricks for installing contributions, and I am surpised there aren't auto install contribs out there. ... the bottom line is, once you tweak your website the way you need it, you aren't going to be able to auto install contribs as you will need to customize it to fit YOUR sit because of what you chose to do with it.


Baby steps. One step at a time.


Ok , once you get rid of the warnings, you will need to find a php coder to do everything you need.


FIRST THINGS FIRST, before you become adept at all of this, you should ALWAYS backup the files you are working with into folders that allow you to organize your efforts broken down by dates, and posisbly times. Doing this will save you much heartache and heartbreak down the road. Trust me, you may think things are running all well, then install 20 other contribs only to find out that something you did 2 weeks ago just fubard everything and you have to start all over. BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP. I'm not joking around here. I can't tell you how many times I warn clients to backup their data, then go onsite - prepare to resolve their problem then they say "am I going to still have all my files?"

9times out of 10, its a few pictures of their family .... or a few documents they were working on that were not saved on the servers for security or personal reasons. The worst is the 'for security reasons'.

At any rate - not trying to be too long winded here, but I am REALLY trying to warn you to develop a backup strategy RIGHT FROM THE START. Your current website could be reset in a matter of minutes. But with a proper policy and 6 months down the road, if something really bad happens, you are prepared.



OK now that is out of the way. Once you get into a php coder like tsw - you can learn on these message boards where the things you may want to manuever are stored and how you go about moving them around.

Many things are very simple to move but simply cutting and pasting to the code above it. However, many things are not and require several files or more - to be edited.

Keep in mind that the most simple mistake, like missing a , (comma) in a cut and paste will bring your entire site DOWN.


Finally - GOOD LUCK and, may your sells be worth your time and effort!





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