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Credit Card Fraud?


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If this has been discussed before - feel free to guide me to a prior thread.


I am new to the ecommerce world, and we just processed a Visa transaction online that has me concerned. Also I don't know what my responsibilities are and what my exposure is (if Visa approves a transaction do they stand behind it or can it easily be charged back?) - I've change the customer's name and info for their privacy:


The first-time customer "Jose Andres" purchased 8 of the same $38.25 items (same color & size) totaling $306. The shipping and billing address entered by the customer is in Miami FL. The telephone number is a 562 area code which is a California number. The email address provided is [email protected]. The credit card used is under the name Jorge Martinez. The CVV check matched. The AVS results are "Non-U.S. issuing bank does not support AVS".


Seem kind of weird and I don't want to ship a couple hundred dollars of inventory and later get a Visa chargeback.


Any advice?



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I don't know the rules with credit cards in the US, but here in the UK the card companies can backcharge you (take the money back) up to 6 months if thr cardholder complains. No questions asked.

So any doubts, if it looks fishy, just decline the transaction.

Don't leave yourself open to fraud.

Maybe some other members with more experience in your marketplace will confirm what's the procedure there.

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