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Trying to set up (simple) shipping


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Newbie question here, and I've searched all over for the answer.

I'm in the USA,I ship worldwide, and have no clue how to set up my shipping. Please help.


I'd like to calculate by weight.

I set up the following for international, in World Zone Rates:

Shipping Table for all zones.



and the following in Table Rate:




I now pretended to be from Holland, made a purchase, went to check out: both the table rate and World rate is showing up. Obviously , in this case, only worldrate should show.


What am I doing wrong? What's an easy way to set up my shipping, USA and International. (by weight)


Please help....Thanks.

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OK, I uninstalled all, and added the UPS module. It says in the knowledge base: "In UPS shipping, the United Parcel Service website is used to calculate the shipping cost for the order".

It does not work :(

It shows no shipping costs, and won't let me check out.

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When you set up World Zones correctly you don't need Table Rate, which is a separate module.


With World Zones you set up Zones for the USA and Canada (by weight or price), and then for other Zones.


UPS - do you have an account with them?



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Actually I finally got it set up with USPS. The biggest thing I needed was a proper calculator. USPS works great.

I just had to call them with my user ID and they put it "live".

Guess I only need to figure out how to set it up so people can't enter PO Boxes as an address. (Since we may also use UPS as a shipper)

How can I do that?

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