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Starting with OSC and need Opinions


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First, I'd like to thank everyone who has worked on osCommerce and made it as impressive as it is today. I have been look to move my web store to osCommerce because it can provide so much more than my current shopping cart. I'd like some opinions on which contibutions will help me the most.


I'm not a web programmer, so I like to find simple solutions to my problems. Is there an easy way to change the default icons and colors? I've figured out how to remove boxes and languages that I don't need.


Does the default PayPal module work fine, or should I install one of the other ones (IPG)?


As far shipping goes, I use USPS Priority mail or USPS International only. Is the USPS v2 API module the best one to use? Will it do Airmail or do I need to find another solution?


Thanks again for you help. I'll continue checking the forums for more info.



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Hi scott


Welcome to the community.

I will try and help you with the things I can from your post. (You might want to ask fewer, or just one, question sper post to keep things focused)


Default icons are easily relplaced simply create one you like name it the same as it is on the site and uplad it to the images directory. For example on the login screen the file is called table_background_login.gif (you can see this my right clicking and selecting save as). To relpace this icon create a gif file called table_background_login.gif and copy over the other file.


Colours, fonts types, font size, box colours etc are all controlled from the sylesheet.css file in the root of your store. For defintions see here:



For better results using the forums read this

The default search on these forums does not work well.


I have never used the paypall module or any of the shipping modules you were asking about.


Hope this helps.



Backup before making changes. Backup before making changes! Backup before making changes!!


You did do a backup? eh?

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