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Modifying the way Specials display


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I have a site that goes live in 3 days. Customers are required to pay a fixed deposit of $75 per product, not the full listed catalog price. I've been unsuccessful in getting advice on a modification or contribution to suite my needs.


As a temporary fix, we will use the existing Specials function until we can get a better solution in place (the merchant still wants to use the Specials function as it is intended in the future). So, I need some advice on where the code is located that formats the Specials on the page.


What I specifically want to do is remove the strikeout of the normal price, change the font colour, and add some text next to both prices that will clearly indicate the "full price" and the "deposit" which is payable at the shop. Then the customer will pay the deposit through PayPal and all recording, both in the shop reporting and e-mails, will record the amount paid as $75 per item.


Thanks in advance,


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Ok, I think I found the code that places the Special price on the page and the <s> </s> tags are the strikethrough. How do I place some text before it like "Our Deposit is".




<s>' . $currencies->display_price($specials['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($specials['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</s>



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I've almost finished removing the strikethrough from the full price and adding "Deposit" in front of what was the Special price throughout OsCommerce. The problem I now have is the Deposit price is being listed as the primary price on the front page and Categories pages, the Advanced Search function also acts on the Deposit price. Both prices don't start to display on pages until you get closer to the product.


I need to either have the full price shown on the higher product listings, or both prices, not just the Deposit as this gives no price range guidance to the customer.


:'( I really need some help now, or at least some tips e.g. can I copy/paste code segments from one place to another, is the syntax the same?

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