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slow loading sites, suggestions?


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i am hosting with godaddy and it appears i'm either on a overloaded server or just a crappy one


for the past two days my pages have been loading around 6-7 seconds for a fully cached page (by both browser and chemo's page cache). is there anything i can do to speed this up, aside from moving hosts?


despite the incompetance of godaddy's support, for the past 2 months my site has been pretty fast loading, up until now.


i have not changed anything on the website or database, other than adding a few products.. which is doubtful is the cause of the slowness. there's only something around 2,000+ total products


at any given moment, there's an average of 30-40 people and a few bots on at a time.


i've already stripped unnecessary calls on product and category pages.. is there any other tricks one can do to speed it up, or am i at the mercy of the server?



from phpinfo():

load average: 16.91, 20.61, 21.50


earlier it was overing in the 20-30. range


of course, when it hovers around 0.90-10. the site loads extremely fast.

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