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Help Needed: Change content Category text only


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I have managed to change the background colour of just the category box by changing the following code in the includes/boxes/categories.php file



<!-- categories //-->



<!-- categories //-->
		<td bgcolor="#68a5be" >


This has given me the correct background colour i need just for the category box.


Now i want to change the text in the category box only to white. I have tried a number of ways but cant seem to find the right place to change it.


Is it possible to change this in the same file or will it require a number of pages to be changed. Hopefully i can just add something to the code in the categories.php file to accomplish this.


I have tried adding an extra class in the style sheet but when it come to finding where the class is defined on the catergories.php page i couldnt find it.


I have read through pages of documentation and really am stuck on this one.


Can someone please suggest away of doing this.


Thanks in advance

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find this in line 20

$categories_string .= '<a href="';

replace by this:

$categories_string .= '<a class="your_new_class" href="';


define a new class

A.your_new_class {
 color: #FFFFFF;
 text-decoration: none;




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