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The e-commerce.

Flash and osCommerce


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I am working as part of a startup for men's luxury brand and I have hacked apart oscommerce to have it do what we want. Our full time webdesigner has put together a pretty awesome site but now it is time to make the two systems talk together.


I have done some extensive searching in the osCommerce help forums/Google/etc. and haven't found anything that really walks through some of the steps required it use flash as a front end to oscommerce. What I would like to do is get some of the knowlege on these forums together so both I and others can bennefit from it.


The way I see it to navigate products you can simply have flash query the appropriate tables in MYSQL this would take care of images/navigation/product specs/etc.


I feel the crux of the issues is how to get osCommerce to create asession and how we can the use session from within flash whensomebody selects a product. So basically how do you get osCommerce to create a session and how can flash read/write to/from the session? Once this is addressed and you can read and write to this session from both flash and the oscommerce (php) side it should be too complicated to marry the two systems?


Any answers out there on the session question and any experiences in using flash as a front end?




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HTML web pages are stateless. That means that session ids have to be created so variables can be remembered when travelling between pages.


Flash is not stateless. Because everything is happening on one HTML page (with the SWF file embedded) there is no need for session IDs. Simply use Flash to remember the variables.

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