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QTPro 4.2 - attributes not making it through checkout


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Hi everyone.


I've installed QTPro 4.2 and I've got a situation where many of our products have more than one attribute (usually colour and size) however only one selected attribute makes it through the checkout procedure.


The site's currently (as of 25 Sept 2006) in testing at http://snipurl.com/abergols. If you're going to test it for yourself leave a comment in your order to let me know what you think of our store!


OK, say someone wants to order a sweatshirt (eg 'Bubble Hoodie'). They select colour and size (example: sky blue, medium) and add to cart.


Shopping cart now contains:

Bubble Hoodie

- Colour 20 - Sky blue

- Size D - Medium


Go to checkout... choose shipping (no sign of products here, so next step).

Select payment (again no products listed so next..)


Order confirmation. Err... we've kept the size but lost the colour!


Products (Edit)

1 x Bubble Hoodie***

- Size: D - Medium ?19.99


And notice the '***' indicating the product is out of stock? It's not - there is stock and settings even (currently) allow checkout if out-of-stock.


Stock configuration is:

Check stock level - true

Subtract stock - true

Allow Checkout - true

Mark product out of stock - ***

Stock Re-order level - 5


QT Pro configuration is:

Product Info Attribute Display Plugin - single_dropdown

Show Out of Stock Attributes - False

Mark Out of Stock Attributes - Right

Display Out of Stock Message Line - True

Prevent Adding Out of Stock to Cart - False


Although I've got some other mods installed, I've even tried using the files included in the QTPro zip file straight and turned Simple Template System (STS) off. Still no luck.


Hmmmm.... any ideas? Has anyone else experienced this? I was almost ready to go live with the store before finding this contrib that would really solve some problems we have with size-colour combinations going out of stock so a speedy resolution would be greatly appreciated.




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you need to have the config set to multiple drop-downs

Afraid not, I've tried each and every config - multiple, sequenced (my preferred option), single dropdown and radioset - without success.


This indicates to me that the attributes are lost somewhere between the shopping_cart.php and checkout_confirmation.php pages but as I said in my original post, not even the files included in the QTPro zip file work. :huh:


Any other suggestions?

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try it with check stock level set to false? I can't think of any other reason why mine would be set to false, though maybe that explains something else...

Mmm, still no joy with that one. I think I need to try and find out exactly where the multiple attributes go missing so when my workload lightens a bit in a few days time I'll try fiddling with the checkout pages to see if I can spot anything.


Thanks for your suggestions so far, Tracy - I'll be back!!

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Ooops! My bad! :blush:


Where I'd pasted in the final QTPro edit in \includes\classes\order.php, I'd accidentally commented out


(line 267 in the QTPro contrib version of the file)


The shop's now working as planned and I'll hopefully make it live in the next 24 - 48hrs.

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