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I need help...please


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I need some general help on OSC. I am total new here and some things are completely confusing for me...I have some questions and hope that someone can help me on that (I hope I am not in the wrong forum).


I have a webhost, who installed OSC on the server. I have two possibilities to access to make configurations, one is from the admin of the shop, which is easy as it is just clicking around and make changes. The other one is the admin of the webhost company. When I enter I find a lot of php. files. I also understand that I can make configurations there by changing only the text, which is fine, but that' it.


There are a lot of contributions...when I would like to use ones...I download them and then?

Do I have to upload them on the admin of the hosting company? Do I have to replace them with existing file or do I have to replace just the text?

I really don't understand this procedure. Can anyone describe step by step what to do, please?


I am not familiar with php.files so far I can only make content changes.


Another question is that I would like to buy a template to avoid all the problems I have eith designing...there are milions of companies offering same temlpates, so can I choose from any of them?

Does it effect also the content of OSC installed on the server.


Does it make any sense to use OSC 3.0 (currently osCommerce 2.2-MS2) and what about the templates are they compatible with the new OSC release?


The templates are all in english, can I translate it into spanish by changing only the text and use both languages, if so how?


Again I am sorry if I am in the wrong forum, but would appreciate any kind of help (hope I didn't explain myself too complicated, if so I say sorry in advance)...as I mentioned before I am totally new here and need help from the very beginning.



Thanks in advance.



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