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Homepage Paypal logo issues


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I'm attempting to put the finishing touches on my first site. Being completely new at this, it's been some experience. I realize there is probably a simple answer to this problem, but I'm not getting it. I'm trying to place the Paypal/CC logo on my homepage, but it's wider than the column; therefore, it's knocking all of the center info/images all the way down below it. Is there a way to widen the left column or a way to shrink the logo?


Thanks for any help.



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The width of the columns can be adjusted in includes/application_top.php.


At around line 57, find


// customization for the design layout
 define('BOX_WIDTH', 125); // how wide the boxes should be in pixels (default: 125)


Change '125 to what width you want.


In the default osC file, both columns will resize at the same rate.


If you wish to have different column widths, you can change the files. A good contribution for this is found at




A simple and bug free fix but a little tedious.

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