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3 Page Checkout (Including Confirmation)


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Hopefully this is the correct area of the forum to post this in. I'm developing a new checkout procedure and I'm hitting a few stumbling points but it's moving along nicely so far. Here's how it works with some of the logic behind it:


Step 1) Customer clicks checkout, they're directed to the Step One page

A) Entry for customer email address, Zip code, and Country

B) New fields inserted into the sessions table to accomodate this information.

C) Right now it doesn't, but the plan is to have it check for the existence of this email in the database and if found, prompt for password/provide link for missing password.

D) Click continue to be directed to the Step Two page

E) I've noticed that most large stores have a very simple first checkout step, I believe that it's probably to get the customer psychologically committed to the process without it looking like much work. I figured why fly against what has probably been a lot of research?


Step 2) All order details

A) Displays cart contents at top of page along with subtotal

B) Left and right infoBoxes for entry of Shipping & Billing details, only one is necessary

C) Shipping method selection (modified UPS shipping module to quote at this stage based on the information stored in the sessions table)

D) Payment method selection (I only use secure credit card processing, although I did transfer the code directly from the checkout_payment file, so it should work for multiple.)

E) Enter Comments

F) Enter Coupon Code

G) Click continue to process form and continue to Checkout Confirmation in its standard configuration - Adds shipping address as default address, Adds country and email address from sessions into customer database, If it isn't null it adds the billing address, registers payment info, shipping info, etc. Trouble with this step.


Confirmation -> Standard Operation


I have it to where it all displays correctly on the first and second steps - all of the information is being added to the database along with a randomly generated password for account creation. The default address is recorded, as well as the bill to if necessary. I'm having an issue with it registering some of the information - mainly payment I believe. The step one and step two files and confirmation and the modified UPS shipping module are here:




You'll need to add FILENAME_STEPONE and FILENAME_STEPTWO to your filenames.php and the three fields mentioned above to your sessions table. The step two page requests a lot of info, but it does have a nice flow . This checkout procedure gets the customer in, and out quick - the only issue seems to be with registering the necessary variables regarding payment.


If anyone is feeling adventurous, some help would be much appreciated as I'm a total novice.

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If anyone is keeping track I realize that step_two.php is a total cluster in terms of code. I've started to work in cleaning it up a bit.


I've broken down the individual areas of the page into boxes - so Shipping fields box, Billing fields box, Shipping method box, Payment method box.


I'm going to break down some of the processing code into functions. I'm hoping that through the cleanup process I'm able to track down the issues and make sense of exactly what the overall order process should look like.


I have to confess, I'm a bit of a newbie coder, I code out of necessity - so if any of you experts out there want to step up and help me out a bit, I think it would do the whole community some good. I've seen some decent contributions out there like Fast Easy Checkout, but even that - and no offense intended - isn't quite there. I rather like my neat clean process -> 1) Enter some basics to get the user committed, 2) Enter the details (Shipping & Payment), 3) Confirm the order.

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