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Can't write to text


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I finally found how to get to the index so that I can rewrite the home page, but it says that I don't have permission and that I have to go to home/.....


Okay, fair enough, but HOW DO I GET THERE !!!!


(Sorry for shouting, but I'm getting so frustrated)


Can anyone help please.




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Hi Jenny,


I'm not sure I quite understand your dilemma. How are you attempting to access your file? Are you using an FTP program?


It sounds like you're either logged in as a user without permissions or the file permissions themselves are wrong.


All you should need to do to get the latest copy of the file you want to modify (ie. bring it down to your local machine), edit it, then upload it to your server overwriting the existing file.


If this doesn't help please send some more info and I'm sure one of us here will be able to help. :)

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shes trying to edit through the admin, i bet.


dont edit your files through the admin. use an FTP program, download it to your computer, edit with a text editor, then upload back.


always make backups too!

What? Yeah, I can do that.

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Thank you both. Yes, I was trying to edit in admin. It's taken me a couple of hours to find the bit to change permissions, but I finally did it.


Now I can change the text. Hip Hip Hooray.


Thankyou again for your help.



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