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Prices all Show $0 but Admin config shows true price


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Hay Team ,


This is rather strange , I have installed OS a few times. Always goes great. This time things were as usual perfect untill ... I check the prices of the products in the cart and ... all show $0 , Go to the admin catalog area and they all show correct. Seems only on the customer end are they all $0




for anyone that wants to see whats going on.


Any help appreciated.






Matt brown

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I am also having the exact same problem. i only set up mine today and in admin the price is shown but not in the public view.


it was working fine when it was set to the default US dollar but once i set it to the AU dollar now it has failed.


I select update currencys and it give's back a ok message of: "Success The exchange rate for AU Dollar (AUD) was updated successfully via oanda."

but the prob still exsists.


any ideas?


Many Thanks!

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set Switch To Default Language Currency false in the admin or go to includes/languages/english.php and change this


// if USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY is true, use the following currency, instead of the applications default currency (used when changing language)













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None of this works for me... I am probably doing something wrong, but I have no idea what.


I'm in Australia, trying to get my store working for Australian customers only. I've got the country and zone for the store set as "australian", and changed the files as said before here, but I still can't get the price to show in my store. It' sfien in the admin, but the store still shows $0 for everything......


Is there a problem with what I've done? All i've done is change the default currency, and that should be epxected as I need to deal in $AU, and i've changed the default location to Australia, but still it doesn't work.


What could the problem be????

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To Steve:


I have to apologise. I changed everything BUT the "Switch To Default Langauge Currency", and after i changed my set up files as you've said, and changed it that it should change to this as "true" then it works!


Is it just me, or do we all love having someone else around that knows way to much more about this they we do?




Thanks SO much.

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