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Product Attribute Problem - help!


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I think I posted in the wrong forum originally, but here's my situation:


I maintain my friends online aftermarket autoparts store which is OSC powered: www.jhpusa.com/catalog.


My friend had his site revamped a couple years ago by someone else (much more skilled than I with PHP and e-commerce related programming) who implemented OScommerce to the site. Throughout this year I've been getting my feet wet with how the back-end and all of OSC works on our site. Until today, I didn't realize the product attributes section existed! I've been trying to get some attributes to work and came across a few problems which I'm hoping I can get help on. :-"


Btw, I'm still learning the ways of PHP, but know how to edit the code if this helps!


We're running:

OS Commerce 2.2-MS2

PHP Ver. 4.4.2


As a test, I added t-shirt sizes to this product -> HERE {A}


This is what a product on the site looks like WITHOUT any kind of attributes -> HERE {B}


Issue #1)

If you compare both pages you will see how the attributed page layout/offset is thrown off because of the addition of the pull down selection menu, which pushes the add-to-cart button to the right. This is more than likely due to the next issue...


Issue #2)

In the shirt size field, I don't want a dollar amount to be shown ie. "small ($0.00USD)" . I just want the size to be shown only ie. "Small". I can't seem to figure out how to kill the dollar amount portion in the product attributes menu, nor can I add a price that actually shows up in this field for customers to see on the site..its really weird..a bug perhaps? And on top of this, if the dollar amount is not shown anymore this could help bring back the offset of the page back to its normal layout as shown in the {B} link above. Any suggestions or fixes for this?


Issue #3)

And lastly, I cannot, for the life of me, get rid of the annoying "TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS" text that is right there next to the product price! I've performed a code search and "TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS" is found in only 2 php files located in the root of catalog and the other is located in the root of the english language directory. Any suggestions or fixes for this?

I'd really appreciate any can toss my way!!


thank you! :thumbsup:

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Okay, let's go.



First of all, you're in a similar market as I am, and I don't think t-shirts will be a large part of your market when you're selling drivetrains and camshafts, and things like that.

<end of preface>


Anyway ....


(1) I noticed no difference in the layout. I don't even see an "Add to Cart" button on either page. If it pushes it a little to the right, well, oh well. Sell your product, and don't pull your hair out over the little things that are immaterial to the end-user.


(2) Let's sort your attributes first. Very easy install. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1690/ ... that will take you 2 minutes, and then you'll be able to sort your products from least in price to greatest automatically. If you don't install this, OSC will jumble it up and it's sorted randomly.


Secondly, you'll have to install the Actual Attributes Price module which will get rid of the prefix, so there's no "+" or "-" there -- just the real price. I use it. If you're just going to be using the <select> option for pull down menus like your t-shirts, then maybe this would be a better module: Actual Attribute Price for Pull-Downs. They'll both accomplish basically the same thing.


(3) The TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS. Well, you'll have to go to your includes/languages/english/product_info.php page, and add a line of code in like this:

define('TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS', 'Available Options.');


Or say whatever you wanna say. Save your includes/languages/english/product_info.php file, upload it, and you're good to go.


That should clear things up! Hope you have fun with your attributes. Hope this helped, and good luck.



Simple 1-2-3 Intructions on how to get, install and configure SSL


The Google Sandbox explained


Simple to follow instructions on how to change the look of your OSC


How To Make A Horrible OSC Website


my toolbox: All things WordPress-related - All things Adobe-related - PHP Designer 2007 - Codecanyon Junkie - Crimson Editor - Winmerge - phpMyAdmin - WS_FTP


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thanks I'll give it a go!


I was editing the product_info.php at the time you were probably viewing it, hence the reason for no "add to cart" button.


I was able to get rid of the 'TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS' line by deleting this code on line #165:


echo '<b>' . TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS . '</b><br>';


It didn't seem to hurt anything as I test added an item to the cart, but I could be wrong!


I will try the other suggestions you linked me to ..I thank you deeply for your help!

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